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Joe's Journal Live

Jun. 12th, 2008

04:47 pm

listen to We Are The Fury; they're good music.

Nov. 4th, 2007

11:47 pm - Uh Huh

Season Tickets arrived Friday...

Rookie Camp starts at the end of the week...

Heading to training camp at the Arena on the 16th & 17th...

Pre-Season begins the 19th vs. Ottawa from Nova Scotia (Hooray for televised pre-season)...

First pre-season home game the 22nd vs. Washington...

Then the 29th against Buffalo...

October 5, Flyers come to the Igloo, Malkin scores 8.

In a nut-shell... it's beginning to look a lot like hockey season, finally!

Oct. 25th, 2007

12:12 am - Panda Bears Smash the Snipers

A confident group heading into the game, due to a three-game winning streak, the Panda Bears came out of their contest with the Snipers even more so. Scoring within the first minute, a goal by Mike Bower, and then never relenting from there the Pandas humiliated the Snipers by a final count of 13-0.
Ross Amrhein put in a team-high five goals in the game to increase his team-leading total to 13 on the season. Amrhein, a late addition to the Pandas line-up, is scoring at an unprecedented 1.62-goals-per-game clip. A lot of this success for Amrhein can be attributed to his talented line-maters Don Rubright and Mike Bower. Never the less Ross is showing his worth to the team by being a front runner for the MVP (Most Valuable Panda) award.
A physical game was brought on by the Snipers, despite the obvious disadvantage on the scoreboard. A few Pandas left the rink with some cuts and bruises as the Snipers tried in vain to at least dominate some facet of the game. That would become meaningless however as the Pandas pounded the ball home for their largest output of the season. After the Snipers starting goalie had to leave the game due to illness, at which point he had given up 7 goals, the team’s back-up came in to give up another 6.
In addition to Amrhein’s 5 the Pandas got scoring from five different players. Don Rubright notched two, Mike Bower netted two, and Troy Kweder also deposited on two goals. Greg Bruce and Luke Gill also had a goal apiece, for Gill it was his first of the campaign.
In their 4 game winning streak the Pandas have outscored their opponents by a combined score of 33-13. At 5-3-0 the Pandas now remain only a win away from putting the North Division D in a 3 way dead-lock for first place. With the end of the season only three weeks away every one of the remaining four games is crucial in the position the Pandas get to take home a Dek-Star Championship.

Schedule to date:

July 2 at 2nd Chance Loss 1-8 (0-1-0)
July 16 at Dek Dawgs Win 5-3 (1-1-0)
July 27 vs Hurricanes Loss 1-6 (1-2-0)
August 6 at Hellraisers Loss 5-7 (1-3-0)
August 10 at Trojans Win 6-5 (2-3-0)
August 13 at Tsunami Win 6-3 (3-3-0)
August 20 vs Team Nuz Win 8-5 (4-3-0)
August 23 at Snipers Win 13-0 (5-3-0)
August 27 at Nordiques 5:30 PM
August 30 vs Hellraisers 9:30 PM
September 6 at Hard Bodies 10:30 PM
September 17 vs Team Nuz 8:30 PM


Sep. 21st, 2007

02:47 am - Panda Bears Three Game Winning Streak

The Panda Bears dek-hockey team is currently riding the crest of a 3-game winning streak and have in turn gone over the .500 mark to improve to 4-3-0. Coming off a 2-game losing streak the Pandas had their largest bench of the season, fifteen players, and defeated the Trojans 6-5. The team got a brilliant effort out of newcomers Troy and Tyler Kweder as well as stellar defensive play from Adam Klosky.
Three nights later on August 13 the Pandas downed one of Dek-Star’s worst teams in Tsunami. Jumping out to a 4-0 lead- the outcome was hardly in doubt. Things got physical later in the game as one of Tsunami’s players was ejected for taking a swing at forward Greg Bruce. Tsunami would close the gap in the penalty-laden affair but the final score would remain in favor of the Panda Bears by a count of 6-3.
On August 20 the Pandas faced a tougher challenge in the form of the 4-2-0 Team Nuz. The Panda Bears would prove to shrug off the test quickly though as the team built up an insurmountable 7-0 lead after two periods. The top line of Don Rubright-Ross Amrhein-Mike Bower tortured the Team lead by Nuz by tallying six of the seven goals. To begin the final frame Team Nuz scored two quick goals to close the margin to 5. The Pandas would then go up by 8-2 before the opposition decided to make things interesting. Team Nuz would go on to rattle off three goals in around 30 seconds before the Panda Bears clamped down on defense and maintained a final score of 8-5. At 4-3-0 the Pandas now have eight points in the standings and are closing ground on the Hurricanes and Hard Bodies who are currently tied for first with 12 points. The Panda’s remaining 5 games should determine greatly how their playoffs go in the quest for a Dek-Star championship. The team’s final five opponents have a combined record of 20-13-1.
However, with this challenge ahead, captain John Craig’s talk of a title seem as realistic as ever.

Aug. 28th, 2007

11:32 pm - Pandas fall to Hellraisers 6-1

On Thursday July 27 the Panda Bears fell to the Hellraisers by a count of 6-1. After gaining a 1-0 lead, the Hellraisers then gave up the tying goal to number 10 Greg Bruce who buried a perfect pass to tie up the game. From there the Hellraisers would add to their lead going up 3-1 on a power-play while forward Zach Dailey served two minutes for closing his hand on the ball. Down 4-1 after the second period the Hellraisers would add two more as the Pandas continued to be snake-bit. Don Rubright, playing with three stitches in his leg, came oh so close to scoring at least on three seperate occasions and Greg Bruce failed to bury two key scoring chances. With all that said the Pandas look to bounce back with a great week of practice and defeat their next opponent on Sunday August 6 at 8:30. The Pandas are now 1-2-0.

Aug. 21st, 2007

02:06 am - Panda Bears Seal Up 5-3 Victory

Panda Bears Seal Up 5-3 Victory
Kerkan makes 25 saves, Goals from 5 different players

Thanks to a forfeit victory on July 10 the Panda Bears Dek-Hockey Club was forced to sit out two weeks without a contest at the Dek-Star rink. With new additions in Mike Bower and Luke Gill ready to take the dek for the Pandas the team set out to prove that rust was a non-issue.
Facing a confident opponent in the Dek Dawgs, John Craig overheard one of the members of the opposition asking the referee if this was a joke during warm-ups. On this night, however, the joke would prove to be on the Dek Dawgs.
Perhaps still feeling the side-effects of their last game, an 8-1 defeat at the hands of 2nd Chance, the Pandas let up the first goal of the game when the man wearing the Steelers jersey put in the puck mere feet from Goalie Brian Kerkan. Many of the Panda Bears had a look of disbelief about them but would soon regroup shortly thereafter. The boy his teammates affectionately refer to as “The Dick” Nick Bolen would tie the game up for the boys in black. Later in the first period, not too long after Bolen’s goal, Joe Craig would put his team up to stay. The Panda Bears would finish the first period leading 3-1 on a goal from newcomer Mike Bower. Having scored more in the first 15 minutes than the entire last game and Kerkan getting the proper defensive coverage he would need it would be an understatement to say the Dek Dawgs were reeling.
Another story out the first period was the gritty play of star forward Donnie Rubright. Rubright received several highly questionable shots to the groin from one of the veteran players on the Dek Dawgs. Both players were assessed two-minute penalties just narrowly avoiding ejection from a very agitated ref.
The second period saw more defensive brilliance from the Panda Bears as the score would remain the same at the end of that frame as did the first, 3-1. The third period would become a completely different sort of hockey for both teams. Ross Amrhein finished a tic-tac-toe play in front of the net when he rocketed home a one-timer from Mike Bower. With the Panda Bears safely leading 4-1 that’s when the Dek Dawgs really seemed at their worst. The man who scored their goal earlier continued to embellish physical contact and even went as far as to drop the gloves to square off with Greg Bruce. Held back by the refs both players were sent to their respective penalty boxes, with the fuming Dek Dawg given an extra two minutes to cool down. It was at the end of the first penalty that the magic would happen for the Pandas. Intercepting a pass through the neutral zone, Joe Stiger came in on a Dek Dawg before dishing it off to a breaking Zach Dailey. Dailey would then shoot the ball towards the net just missing his chance to score before Bruce came flying in off his penalty to stuff in the rebound and make Elvis leave Mt. Nebo Road as the Pandas cushioned their lead 5-1.
With some equipment problems to his leg pads Kerkan allowed two fluke goals to allow the Dek Dawgs to creep back in it 5-3. With 2:47 remaining after their third goal the rush was on for the Dawgs to attempt to tie it. Their efforts would come up futile however as Kerkan turned away several above average scoring chances to preserve the Panda Bears 5-3 win and send them to a 2-1-0 record.
With their next match-up coming on Thursday July 27, the Panda Bears are looking to get back out to Dek Star to prove that this win was a sign of things to come and that they may be poised to go on a run for the Senior D North Championship.

Aug. 3rd, 2007

07:33 pm - Panda Bears Routed in Opener; Acquire Bower

Panda Bears Routed in Opener, 8-1; Acquire Mike Bower

The Dek-Star schedule makers did the Panda Bears no favors in their season opener, matching them up with the team many consider the best at Dek-Star. With the team rearing to go, despite many call-ups that included Ross Amrhein, Zach Dailey, and and Tony Constantino, they came out up-tempo. Donnie Rubright fed Amrhein who threw the ball in front of the net for Nick Bolen to put in an easy tap-in to put the Pandas up 1-0 just mere minutes into the game. From there the bottom would fall out. The opposition tied it minutes later and took the lead on a Joe Craig high-sticking minor penalty. Giving up one more, the Pandas trailed after the 1st Period 3-1. Brian Kerkan played stellar in net but would give up two more goals in the 2nd Period as the Pandas headed to the final frame down 5-1. To begin the 3rd Period the Pandas had to go with Joe Craig in goal. With the Pandas already broken from the first two periods they would give up three more tallies. Near the end of the game the Pandas missed golden opportunities to narrow the gap. Donnie Rubright failed to put home a clean breakaway after a long shift, Ross Amrhein had the chance to get on the score sheet for a second time, and Captain John Craig barely missed burying a pass from Donnie Rubright at the end of the game. Assistant Captain Joe Stiger blocked five shots and Greg Bruce played solid, both in their rookie campaigns at Dek-Star. However, despite the 8-1 beating, the Pandas can hold their heads high not only knowing that they stuck with the best team at Dek-Star but that they’ll be receiving an influx of talent. “We didn’t play up to our potential,” said John Craig.
The Panda Bears next game in Monday July 8 at 10:30 and in the aftermath of their defeat the team acquired star free-agent Mike Bower. A man of few words, “I’ll play.“ Said Bower. Joining noted scoring machine Bower will be veteran Dek-Star defenseman Luke Gill, Bryan from Sam’s Club, Mike Dailey, and the continued call-up of Amrhein and Zach Dailey. With the continued superb effort in net of Kerkan and a week of preparation at North Park the Panda Bears should be a motivated, hungry hockey team set to prove they won’t be pushed around at Dek-Star.



Jul. 10th, 2007

12:14 am - Music

I'd like to recommend all listen to the band Karate High School. The band incorporates Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Atari themes into their songs and I find the results to be very entertaining music along with the catchy vocals.

To check this band out go to www.purevolume.com/karatehighschool

I recommend the song "Twice Upon a Time", the second track on the list.

Jun. 29th, 2007

05:46 pm - Stupid MTV

I was browsing the channels on Wednesday night and I couldn't help but stop on the new 'hit' show Yo Momma. After watching some earlier in the day and then some more at the time I couldn't help but want to choke something. The show is so ridiculously stupid it's an insult to the intelligence of everyone who watches it.

Incase you missed it, the show is hosted by Ashton Kutcher lackey Wilmer Vanderama or however the hell you spell it. Wilmer sends a hip black man and a wigger off into 2 sections (or hoods) of major cities and gathers up groups of local hipsters to spout off 'Momma' and other various insult jokes at each other. The group is then decided by the best 2... the best of each hood face off in a Yo Momma Battle of Epic Proportions!

Before all that Wilmer gets to take one of the homies to the other homie's house to get dirt on them... yo! While browsing the one guy's room Wilmer finds a vintage Buffalo Bills 'Simpson' jersey and quips, "Wow, I guess he got this when Jessica started her football career" or something to that effect. The baffled home-dog looks at him and says, "That's OJ man."

So the 2 winners of the hoodz meet in a random parking lot or roof top. Wilmer, in all his self-serving only a sitcom-star/flash in the pan glory, pulls up in whatever all the rich thugs are driving and the contest is ON!

When a bad Momma joke or insult is thrown the gaggle of gangstas BOOOOO it. I do the same thing when I'm on the mean streets of Avalon and Bellevue actually. But when a real cunning insult is hurled, in typical wigger and gangsta fashion, they treat it like a big thrust to the gut and laugh it up like they hadn't heard anything so funny. MTV then wastes $1,000 on the winner and they get street cred.

I yearn for the days of quality MTV, such was when they broadcast episodes of Beavis & Butthead. But one look at MTV's line-up now, spearheaded by this asanine shit known as 'Yo Momma'. You can watch 'Next' where 5 people sit on a bus as they line-up for one person to shallowly judge them after 12 minutes to see who's 'Neeeeext'. You can witness 16 year olds who need about 16 good aluminum bat shots across the head as they celebrate their 16th birthdays like true gluttons. Why not watch "Date My Mom" where a guy or gal takes 3 mom's on a date so they can take a shot in the dark at who would have the best off-spring to "hook-up with yo". The real train-wrecks are when they have homosexual individuals on really make them out to be sex-craved maniacs and not actual people looking to meet that one and only.

MTV is the worst cable network today, total trash. I'm not one of those media watch-dogs who feels offended by everything but they've clearly got a dry well when it comes to creativity. Even Viva La Bam eventually went to hell and that show was great at the start.

So there you have it, my mini-rant on the crap that is MTV. Hopefully they show more Beavis & Butthead.

Jun. 19th, 2007

02:40 pm - Penguins vs. New York Islanders

Ticket & Program:
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Game 41 of 41 (43/43): Penguins- 6 vs. New York Islanders- 1

Sidney Crosby became the Youngest Player in NHL history to record 100 points, Ryan Malone got 2 goals while John LeClair got 2 assists and Marc-Andre Fleury played one of his best games of the season. It was the perfect game to cap off the Penguins 05-06 home season. One that is mostly full of heart-ache and disappointment, here's my personal Top 10 Home Moments of the Season:

10. The Penguins tie a record with 6 Power-Play goals and come back from a 4-0 deficit to thump the Thrashers for their first win of the season, 7-5.

9. The first battle of Crosby vs. Ovechkin, on November 22. The Pens jump out to a 4-0 lead with a beautiful goal by Crosby where he splits 2 Caps defenders to roof it over Kolzig. The Pens are triumphant 5-4.

8. On December 16 the Penguins dramatically tie the Buffalo Sabres late on a goal by Ziggy Palffy. The goal was assisted by 66 Mario Lemieux and little did the 16,648 know that it would be Mario's last point and game in the National Hockey League.

7. A week later Sidney Crosby scores 2 goals in a span of 44 seconds to get the Penguins a 4-3 lead over the Flyers. Despite eventually losing the game 5-4 Crosby shows that he can not only take over a game by himself but that he's also a thorn in the Flyers side.

6. On the power-play John LeClair cleans up the garbage on a shot by Noah Welch and back-hands his 400th NHL Goal on Roberto Luongo and the Florida Panthers. While not much of a favorite while being our rival LeClair is shown the respect he rightfully deserves with a standing ovation from the 14,024 there.

5. Sidney Crosby scores his first ever NHL goal against Hannu Toivonen and the Boston Bruins in the home opener on October 8.

4. New Year's Eve at Mellon Arena with the hated Rangers in town. With the Pens on a power-play in OT Michel Ouellet puts a shot on Henrik Lundqvist, failing to control the puck it hops out to Sidney Crosby who continues his heroics by depositing it in the net for a 4-3 win.

3. Denis Gauthier delivers an elbow which sends Andre Roy beserk and puts the Philadelphia Flyers on a 7 minute power-play. The Pens hold the Flyers to 1 shot in that seven minutes and sets the crowd on fire with the kill and preserves a 2-0 win on March 12.

2. November 10 would be the date that Mellon Arena would witness it's first shoot-out. After Michael Ryder, Mark Recchi, Alex Kovalev, Mario Lemieux, and Alexander Perezhogin failed to score the game came down to 87 Sidney Crosby. With the crowd at a fever pitch Sid continued to deke Jose Theodore out of his skates and put the puck up high sending the water-bottle soaring and the crowd of 16,254 in jubilation.

1. Sidney Crosby's 100th point in the NHL.

(Honorable Mention: The 8-1 win over Washington which included a night-long tribute to Lemieux, Sidney Crosby's OT winner on March 24 over NYI, Mark Recchi's hat-trick on March 19 against Carolina.)

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